About St. Elmo’s St. Elmo’s is…

… a place for live music

The Not-So-Modern Jazz Quartet

The No-So-Modern Jazz Quartet plays every Thursday night at St. Elmo’s.

Live music is featured at St. Elmo’s Wednesday through Saturday evenings. A highlight is open mike night, the last Wednesday of every month. See the Event Calendar for a complete list of all events.

… a place for meeting up

A Sunday Coffee/Tea Conversation Group

One of our Sunday coffee/tea conversation groups. Click the picture to hear why they come to St. Elmo’s.

In the tradition of a “Community Gathering Place” many formal and informal groups use St. Elmo’s as their meeting place. On any given day, we have knitting groups, New Mom’s groups, book clubs, and more.

Every Wednesday morning “The Socrates Coffee Club,” a group of 15 or more senior citizens come in for coffee and camaraderie and conversation.

The liveliest of our groups, “The Founders”, a very informal group of regulars who have made St. Elmo’s their morning stop for spirited debates whether it is news, politics, sports or good old anarchy.

St. Elmo’s is proud to be home to many student study groups as well as a comforting retreat for those in recovery.

RESERVATIONS: Regular groups should contact us to make a reservation and ensure that there is space available. There is no fee, but in exchange, we will cater your meeting with food and drinks, or you can order when you arrive. View menus.

… a place to exchange books
St. Elmo’s Book Exchange

The “Take A Book, Leave A Book” library has been a great success, offering a wide variety of genres and subjects. Whether you are a fan of romance, travel, popular fiction or classics, there is something for everyone. Have you finished the latest best seller and want to try something new? Bring in your book and trade it for another. We also have books for the kiddies!

… a place to play board games

Are you a fan of board games? Do you have games at home collecting dust? Or perhaps that backgammon set is adding to your clutter? Add your favorite games to our collection! What a great way to spend a rainy afternoon with your favorite game.